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FRONTEO's Philosophy about Life Science AI

Our Life Science AI business is based on the idea of challenging medical problems and materializing a society where anyone can access reliable medical care.
We work with experts in various fields to promote “Patient First, Evidence-based” R & D and create various solutions.

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Natural language analysis AI specialized for life sciences

Concept Encoder is an artificial intelligence (AI) originally developed by FRONTEO. It was developed in 2018 with the purpose of effectively analyzing and utilizing medical data that contains a large amount of freely described text data based on evidence.
We have introduced and implemented statistical methods for natural language processing, such as significant difference tests, which are essential for "evidence-based medicine (EBM)," which is common among healthcare workers. FRONTEO is researching and developing various solutions using Concept Encoder. Patent registration number: Patent No. 6346367

No dictionary required

Any languages available

Analyse with biochemical 

Process words and sentences
 at once, and 
express approximation

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